We’re here to give back. Simple as that.

Here are a list of organizations that we here at crazybuttrue love to support.

World Harvest Ministries  (World Harvest popcorn – Caramel, milk chocolate, pretzels)

Tom and Karen have served in the Philippines on projects such as orphanages, Christian camps, building crews and basketball evangelism teams. Here in the US Tom serves as a speaker, entertainer and Chaplain for the PGA Champions Tour.

World Harvest Ministries’ mission is to introduce Christ to others using common ground and to challenge Christians to a more enthusiastic and exciting walk with Christ.


Mosaic Neo  (Mosaic popcorn – mix of the fruity flavors)


What is On-Mission?

To be a part of our community at Mosaic, or to consider yourself a member, all you have to do is come! If you attend our weekly gatherings or participate in a missional community you can consider yourself a member. We do not have formal membership. Instead, we have what is called the On-Mission Process. “Membership” implies there is some sort of benefit to joining, like to your local gym or library, and there are no benefits for members at Mosaic.

The On-Mission Process is much more than attending and participating. It requires investment and committment to serving and growing in community.


Doulos Discovery School  (Dominican Coffee beans and Spirit Mountain Mocha – Dark Chocolate and coffee)

​Doulos Discovery School began in 2003 to help
meet an educational void in the country.  The
vision of its founders, Chad and Krista Wallace,
is to create leaders that are guided by the service
centered and compassion filled principles of Christ’s
teaching.   As a preschool-high school program,
students are taught from a young age and onward
how to serve and love as Christ does.  With the belief
that leaders come from all walks of life if given the
chance, Doulos offers need-based scholarships to
half its students

Doulos was conceptualized as an opportunity for lifegiving change to students from all walks of life, their
families, and the surrounding community all through
the lens of Christ’s revolutionary vision.  We hope
to build bridges in the community of Jarabacoa,
the Dominican Republic, and the world through our
students by the means of service and love.


Private schools are abundant in the Dominican Republic but are costly and therefore only largely available to the wealthy. The public education system is lacking nationwide, holding the country’s poorest in the cycle of poverty. Doulos believes that leaders come from all economic backgrounds. To help bridge the economic gap Doulos provides need-based scholarships to half its students. This creates a unique learning environment where students from varying economic backgrounds work together, gain new perspectives, and learn what truly defines each of us: Christ.


Jeff and Rachel Wright (Two Fundraisers)

The Bolivia Life Center is Children’s Impact Network’s orphanage in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Since opening in October 2003, the BLC has become home to nearly 80 boys who have been abused and abandoned. They are now cherished and protected. They each receive everything they need: food, clothing, a bed, education, and most importantly, the love of Jesus Christ!  The Wrights have moved to Bolivia to live at the BLC  and serve the children.


India Gospel League (Fundraiser)

IGL’s goal is to facilitate heart change by bringing the very best of the gospel of Jesus Christ to rural Indian culture. Through our holistic ministry, we share the good news of Christ, people respond and indigenous pastors move from village to village with the complete package of the life-changing Word of God.


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